Source code for relaton.models.people

from typing import Optional, Union, List

from pydantic.dataclasses import dataclass

from .strings import GenericStringValue
from .orgs import Organization
from .contacts import ContactMethod

__all__ = ('Person', 'PersonName', 'PersonAffiliation', )

[docs]@dataclass class PersonName: """Describes a person’s name.""" completename: Optional[GenericStringValue] = None """Full name. Expected to be mutually exclusive with other properties. """ prefix: Optional[GenericStringValue] = None """Name prefix.""" forename: Optional[Union[ List[GenericStringValue], GenericStringValue, ]] = None """Also known as givne name or first name.""" initial: Optional[List[GenericStringValue]] = None """Initials, if any. An initial is not expected to contain a trailing full stop. """ surname: Optional[GenericStringValue] = None """Also known as last name or family name.""" addition: Optional[GenericStringValue] = None """Addition to the name."""
[docs]@dataclass class PersonAffiliation: """Affiliation of a person.""" organization: Organization
[docs]@dataclass class Person: """Describes a person.""" name: PersonName affiliation: Optional[Union[ List[PersonAffiliation], PersonAffiliation, ]] = None contact: Optional[List[ContactMethod]] = None """Contact information."""